Put Your Car in the Hands of Professionals

Trust our car restoration company to improve your car in Wenatchee, WA

Do you miss the original shine that your car had when you first purchased it? If so, you're in luck. RestorFX Wenatchee in Wenatchee, WA provides comprehensive automotive restoration services. Our car restoration and detailing company use high-quality RestorFX products to transform cars from dingy to pristine. You won't regret stopping by our shop when you see how nice your car looks when we're finished.

Why should you let us restore your vehicle?

When drivers in Wenatchee, WA want to restore their vehicle to its original beauty, they come to RestorFX Wenatchee because...

  • We have experience detailing every type of car
  • We offer more affordable services than auto repair shops
  • We provide a long-term solution as opposed to a temporary fix
  • We use proven products that have been used for over 16 years in 44 different countries

The friendly team at our car detailing company is looking forward to revamping your vehicle. Call 509-676-4246 if you want to make an appointment with us.